Our Turning Services

A diverse range of large capacity chucking CNC lathes is complemented by various bar feed lathes providing capacity for small, medium or long runs of turned parts ranging in size from 1mm up to 1000mm.

Driven tooling, twin chucks and the latest graphics controllers enable production of the most complex parts in one set up thereby reducing component costs and speeding up turn-round.

All our CNC lathes are capable to turn, mill, drill, hard turn and engrave part numbers on each component. Once the item is heat treated we can grind to a specific size and surface finish requirement. Please see our Showcase section for examples of our work.

Our CNC Turning Machines

mazak-nexus-250iiMAZAK NEXUS LATHE250-MSY-2MATRIXMaximum bar work capacity 80mm diameter, Hydrafeed barfeeder2
mazak-450MMAZAK LATHESlant Turn 450640TMaximum turning diameter 620mm, Maximum spindle bore 95mm1
mazak-nexus-250iiMAZAK NEXUS LATHE250-MS-2MATRIX 2Maximum bar work capacity 80mm diameter, Hydrafeed barfeeder2
mazakQT200MAZAK NEXUS LATHEQTN 200640T50mm maximum bar work, Hydrafeed barfeeder1