Electro-mechanical Assembly

We have manufactured the mechanical parts in-house and fitted them to the customers’ requirements. The electronic parts in this case are free issued to Viking to assemble, although we are capable to purchase directly if required. This is then assembled complete and supplied to the customer to finalise configuration. From machining the parts to electro-mechanical assembly, […]

Drilled Ball Bearing

Viking Precision Engineers’ was approached by a customer to drill stock chrome, case hardened ¾” ball bearings. We developed a method which allowed us to set up multiple balls in a jig on a 4th axis in any of our MAZAK CNC milling machines. From this we are able to drill through and deburr the […]

Scientific Small Part

This item is a part from a Scientific fuels instrument that is turned complete in one single machining operation.

Scientific Test Rings

These pieces are used in fuel testing instrument and are machined from mild steel bar complete. All our CNC lathes are capable to turn, mill, drill, hard turn and engrave part numbers on each component. Once the item is heat treated we can grind to a specific size and surface finish requirement.