At Viking Precision Engineers, we specialise in CNC Milling, CNC Turning and CNC Grinding and are supported by conventional machining and grinding facilities. A large section of these CNC machines are manufactured by MAZAK™, who are a leading global manufacturer in machine tools.

We use state of the art CAD/CAM processing system called FeatureCAM® by Autodesk™. This enables us to automate machining, interpret drawings and 3D models straight into our machines increasing productivity and reducing costs to our customer.

In addition to these services, we also offer coded welding services and have a dedicated metal fabrication department. Our facilities include full product build services that include electro-mechanical assembly capabilities.

At Viking Precision Engineers we believe the key to consistent high quality and zero defects starts with the dedication of the production personnel & their motivation to achieve consistent quality from start to finish. We only employ long-standing, experienced people who still take pride in their work and are very much part of a team who together achieve engineering excellence.


Viking Precision Engineers continually demonstrate a capability to machine large, very tight-limit aerospace components in special materials, through to refurbishment machining of large heavy railway rolling stock castings. Customers find the input they receive from us is exceptional and it always encourages them to have more and more of the kit parts for their complete assemblies produced by us.

Numerous mainly large vertical CNC machining centres provide capacity for the production of 1-100's of large components up to 3000mm long x 1500mm wide x 500mm high. The majority of these are 4 axis.


A diverse range of large capacity chucking CNC lathes is complemented by various bar feed lathes providing capacity for small, medium or long runs of turned parts ranging in size from 1mm up to 1000mm. Driven tooling, twin chucks and the latest graphics controllers enable production of the most complex parts in one set up thereby reducing component costs and speeding up turn-round.

All our CNC lathes are capable to turn, mill, drill, hard turn and engrave part numbers on each component. Once the item is heat treated we can grind to a specific size and surface finish requirement.

Coded Welding

We offer fully coded welding services across most materials and back up our capabilities with written quality plans to meet your requirements. From components you can fit into your hand up to large assemblies, we have the flexibility, capacity and capability. We are able to weld most metals including stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.

Assembly Services

Our dedicated facilities provide capacity for mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic assembly. Sourcing of bought in parts together with the in-house manufacture and stocking of kits and sub assemblies expedites manufacture and reduces customers' inventories.

Please talk to us about building your product. We can look at the whole project and advise on the most economical approach to achieve your objective. We are prepared to invest where necessary and have proved that in many cases this investment proves more cost effective. From machining the parts to electro-mechanical assembly, Viking Precision Engineers have the facilities for full product build.