Our Services

Viking Precision offers a range of production and machining services.

Our plant combines a large section of CNC Milling, CNC Turning and CNC Grinding machines. These are supported by conventional machining and grinding facilities. We also offer coded welding services. Our facilities include full product build services that include electro mechanical assembly capabilities. In addition we have a dedicated metal fabrication department.

At Viking we believe the key to consistent high quality and zero defects starts with the dedication of the production personnel & their motivation to achieve Consistent quality from start to finish. Viking only employ long-standing, experienced people who still take pride in their work and are very much part of a team who together achieve engineering excellence.

Please select below for information on our services:

We hold a extensive capacity of MAZAK™ CNC machines. A detailed list of all of our machinery can be found on our Plant list.

Below are a selection of the CNC Machines that we use:

MAZAK Vertical Center Nexus 430A II HS

Viking have two of these CNC Milling machines with 4th axis capacity.

The capacity for this machine is 900m length, 430mm wide and 570mm height.



MAZAK Vertical Center Nexus 530II DM

Viking have one of these with 4th axis capability.

The capacity for this machine is 1300m length, 530mm wide and 570mm height.




Viking have three of these machines, one which has 4th axis capability.

The capacity for this machine is 3000m length, 1480mm wide and 640mm height.