Electro-mechanical Assembly

This assembly is from a fuels testing machine. We have manufactured the mechanical parts in-house and fitted them to the customers’ requirements. The electronic parts in this case are free issued to Viking to assemble, although we are capable to purchase directly if required. This is then assembled complete and supplied to the customer to finalise configuration. […]

Drivers Seat

Apart from producing parts and assemblies for passenger transport, Viking is proud to manufacture parts and assemble the drivers’ seat found in train cabins throughout the country.

London Underground Fusebox

London Underground approached Viking to design and manufacture a fuse box upgrade made from aluminium. From a sample supplied to Viking our draughtsman designed a new fuse box similar to the existing fusebox but vastly improved in every way. The newly designed aluminium bodies are cast from aluminium and then machined using our CNC milling machines to accept […]

Lifting Locking Rope Assembly

This part is called a Lifting Locking Rope Assembly and is made for London Underground. These are manufactured from laser cut sheet metal blanks which are bent into shape. The toothed items are CNC milled from Tuffnol and have press fit CNC turned brass bushes. Viking then assemble the parts using bought out screws and springs.