Motor Bearing Housing

Machine from either a casting or from billet mild steel these bearing housings are 300mm in diameter. Our Mazak Slant Turn 540 is the perfect machine for the job. With a tolerance of 0.02mm on the 250mm inside bore our state of the art machines can hold the tightest limits.

Lifting Locking Rope Assembly

This part is called a Lifting Locking Rope Assembly and is made for London Underground. These are manufactured from laser cut sheet metal blanks which are bent into shape. The toothed items are CNC milled from Tuffnol and have press fit CNC turned brass bushes. Viking then assemble the parts using bought out screws and springs.

London Underground Small Part

This is another London Underground part that is CNC turned from solid brass bar complete. All our CNC lathes have sub spindle options to allow us to turn and mill both sides of a component. This allows faster machining times and reduced costs.